Design Services


Designing audio and video for houses of worship, arenas, auditoriums, board rooms, retail and commercial environments can present a host of challenges.  Issues include historic preservation, echo canceling, simultaneous uses for facilities and a need for controls that anybody can operate.

Audio Electronics brings a host of professionals to the table to address all of these issues and many more. From the design table to the final installation, you can rest assured that your systems are in the hands of top professionals from start to finish.

Bose Modeler®  Sound System Software

Modeler Sound System Software is a sophisticated, predictive analysis program that can determine the preferred configuration and location of speaker systems in existing venues or from blueprints.

Audio Electronics’ designers use this technology to carefully create an acoustical model of your facility, ensuring the design reduces unwanted echoes, excessive reverberation, and acoustic hot and cold spots.

Call us today for a demonstration and hear what a Bose professional sound system can do for you.